“It’s déjà vu all over again…”

By Bill Farnham

The negative publicity and recriminations stemming from poor transfer market dealings prior to the start of the 2012 – 2013 season (all you really need to do is say Clint Dempsey) should have served as a valuable lesson for Brendan Rodgers and his staff to get the important transfer business done early this summer, and for some time it appeared as though they had taken the lesson to heart. Continue reading


What are the “Right Means” to get into the Europa League?

Brendan Rodgers doesn’t want to play in the Europa League if Liverpool qualifies through the UEFA Respect Fair Play rankings.

By Bill Farnham

“I want to get [to the Europa League] through the right means, through our performance level, and if we have to have a year where we are not in Europe it is going to give us an opportunity to push on.”

Brendan Rodgers, in reference to potential qualification for the Europa League in 2014 through the UEFA Respect Fair Play rankings, as reported in the Guardian May 1, 2013.

There are lots of potential responses to this statement from Brendan Rodgers, however I’d like to offer perhaps the simplest one as a starting point: Rodgers is dead wrong.

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Epic Doom Mongering Call of Negativity

606 Football phone in from the BBC

Epic Doom Mongering Call of Negativity: Hear the of Panic! Feel the Fear! Listen to the Insanity!
Robbie Savage Unscathed!

Liverpool call starts at 15:22 and ends at 18:14 of the podcast: 
BBC: 606 Top Six Calls

Retrieved Monday, January 28, 2013 at 00:14:05 AM.

Editor’s Note: As a “value added service” to our readers for which we do not receive compensation or remuneration, the following transcript is accompanied by the pro bono diagnosis of Dr. Bill, Continue reading

Tale of the Tape: Pepe Reina versus David De Gea

(or goalkeeping statistics of one sort and another…)

by Bill Farnham

In Monday’s Football Weekly podcast from the Guardian, deputy sports editor Barry Glendenning discussed a number of Premier League and La Liga goalkeepers, including Asmir Begovic, David De Gea, Iker Casillas, and Pepe Reina, speculating at one point on the feasibility of Casillas and De Gea switching teams. In light of the upcoming match against Manchester United, and because both Reina and De Gea have come in for a fair amount of criticism over the last 18 months, I thought it might be interesting to compare their performance both within the frame of the 2012 Premier League season Continue reading

Liverpool’s New Year’s Resolutions

(Don’t Take This Seriously, For Real)

By Bill Farnham

Now that the dust from the holiday fixtures has settled and I have a few minutes to think about what has transpired over the past year, I thought I might offer some encouragement to the Liverpool players and some additional folks in the form of potential New Year’s Resolutions. In no specific order, here we go… Continue reading

Does Passing Accuracy Predict Results, part II

By Bill Farnham

Hopefully the previous piece was pretty clear and you came away with a better understanding of the Liverpool team. In this article I’m going to review some of the conclusions that came out of the previous piece and see if I can use chalkboards, heat maps, and action area diagrams from Squawka.com to verify whether or not I was right.

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Does Passing Accuracy Predict Results?

photo courtesy Joffley/photopin cc

By Bill Farnham

Is there a relationship between Passing Accuracy and Passing Forward and Liverpool’s results in the Premier League this season?
(and can player’s stats demonstrate this relationship in a plausible way?)

If I tell you that Glen Johnson, Joe Allen, and Steven Gerrard are important players for Liverpool and that their performance in a match has an impact on the outcome of that match, is it ok then to say that their performances (positive or negative) should correlate in some way to the result achieved in the match? When they (the players) can be said to have played well, does Liverpool also do well?

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