This is a blog based in Boston, Massachusetts about all things Liverpool Football Club. The blog is run by LFC Boston, the official supporters club here in the Beantown. Some of our writers were born here in Boston, some were born in Liverpool. Some others were born elsewhere and moved here from places as far away as Narnia and Middle Earth! There are even some of us who live thousands miles away on Mars or someplace similar, but they still write for LFC Boston.

We are all passionate about LFC, we are true supporters, and we will be offering our opinions on all things Liverpool right here on The Red Letter. We hope you find our content interesting, original, and full of passion because that is what we strive for.

To read more about our writers, click here.

You’ll Never Walk Alone.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. hi guys as a lifelong lfc fan of almost 50 yrs im a new member of lfc boston supporters club.. i live in liverpool. just 5 mins by car from anfield. ynwa


    • HI mate, i am also a scouser, lived on kensington breckfield rd. my brother still lives on anfields doorstep (Ince Avenue). first game was 1946. first judie shortly after. first pint ? my favourite LFC song is Hey Billie Liddel. Love the phoenix landing. about Kevin Treanor & company, he’s one of the best. I heard they had a fair bit of a crack at Euro 2012, hope he made it back to cambridge. Love the irish motto for Euro 2012, lose and booze. Scouse Hogan p.s. my brother is an evertonian.


  2. Greetings! Just letting you know that I’ve nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award because I have enjoyed reading your blog and the entertainment it has provided.

    If you wish to accept you must follow a few simple rules, thank the blogger who has nominated you, tell your readers about you and pass on the honor to some of your favorite bloggers.

    The award won’t make you rich or famous, in fact it means nothing more than someone appreciates your writing, but it is the thought that counts.



  3. I’m interested in Liverpool FC and wish them well, but all I know about British football is that Man U and Glasgow Rangers are hated by all decent men and everyone laughs at Chelsea. I’m not too keen on Celtic either unless they’re beating Rangers. I’m too old to become an enthusiastic supporter of any team. Passion is something that has to begin in one’s youth.

    I have a question that perhaps someone might comment on. Why did Liverpool collapse after the New Year? The club did well in the first half. Everything fell apart in 2012. I wonder if the Suarez-Evra affair had a depressing effect on Kenny Dalglish. Kenny is a very kind and empathic person who I don’t believe deals well with stress and controversy. I know people whose minds shut down when they are confronted with confrontational situations. King Kenny is as decent a man as ever walked the earth, and will be faithful to his players until death, but didn’t seem able to deal effectively with the media in the Suarez-Evra farrago.


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