Ian Ayre Promoted to Liverpool CEO

By Kevin Koczwara

Ian Ayre has his fair of critics (including this writer), but he has been a guiding force for Liverpool’s financial side since being named the club’s Commercial Director in 2007 and then Managing Director in 2011. He’s help broker some of the biggest sponsorship deals in the club’s history and moved it into the 21st century on the business side.

Now, Fenway Sports Group is rewarding Ayre with another promotion. He has reportedly been named CEO of Liverpool FC.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”>

Liverpool have promoted Ian Ayre from managing director to the club’s new chief executive. #LFC

— Ben Smith (@BenSmithBBC) June 4, 2014

I have no idea what new duties Ayre will have as the club’s CEO. I imagine this is pretty much just a title change because there was no one save the owners are above him at the club making deals and running the day-to-day operations. Whatever the change is, let’s just hope he can continue this summer’s trend of club targets actually being signed, which is a great sign for things to come.


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