Liverpool 5-0 Swansea – Reds Find Scoring Touch

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By Jonathan Carroll

Following a trip to Russia in the Europa League which included the usual dominance of chances and possession for Liverpool, without taking anything from the game, it was a refreshing experience to see Brendan Rodgers’ men get their just rewards on Sunday at home to Swansea. The final score of 5-0 was fully justified and a much needed boost before attempting to overturn the Zenith Saint Petersburg tie in the Europa League which Brendan Rodgers must now orchestrate a comeback from two goals down.

Thirty-three minutes in and it was as you were as far as the reds are concerned. Playing nice neat football, probing, making chances and not converting them. The tension of not being able to score transmitted itself from the stands to the players on the pitch. Both Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge should have scored before Suarez was fouled by Kemy Agustien close to the by line at the Kop end. Steven Gerrard gingerly stepped up to convert, just about, past Michel Worm in the Swansea goal. A huge sigh of relief was heard all around Anfield as much as the celebratory cheer for the goal.

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Three goals soon followed after the re start. New signing Phillippe Coutinho scored after Suarez played him in and the Brazilian took on two defenders before shooting low and under Worm. The best goal all afternoon arrived when Luis Enrique and Sturridge combined smartly in the box before Enrique big toe’d the ball home. On fifty-six minutes Suarez was causing havoc again as he turned on the Swnasea back four and cutting onto his left side curled home a sublime finish to put the game to bed.

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Daniel Sturridge put Swansea out of their misery on seventy-one minutes as he converted a penalty given for handball against Wayne Routledge. The second half saw a free-flowing Liverpool play without pressure. Since the pattern of dominating games without taking points from them has emerged, the pressure to score mounts as each minute passes. This pressure weighs on the players and can sometimes result in games like the West Brom game last week or countless other examples which most Liverpool supporters have tried to erase from their memories this season.

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Of course this isn’t the sole reason Liverpool have been toothless this season. there is a severe lack of ruthlessness in the team. No cutting edge. It’s almost like the team is too nice. Every team needs a tougher side to their personality as a whole. Liverpool lack a certain cutting edge. They were bullied off the pitch by Oldham in the FA Cup and in Russia midweek against Zenith they were the better team but again failed capitalize on chances while being soft at the back and conceding. Is new personnel the answer to toughen up certain areas of the squad? Possibly.

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Theres no doubt Rodgers knows how to get his teams to play football. Getting them to be competitive is something totally unproven thus far. With the combination of rookie owners and a rookie manager, how much time will the Anfield faithful be willing to afford Rodgers and co if they are knocked out of the Europa League on Thursday at home to Zenith and end up finishing in another mediocre position at season’s end? Rodgers requires time, that much is definite. In that time will Liverpool find themselves further behind the top four than ever before while trying to rebuild? Fenway Sports Group will most likely postpone judgement until seasons end.

Match Statistics

Liverpool                                   Swansea

Possession                           56%                                            44%

Shots                                     33                                                4

Shots on Goal                       18                                                3

Corners                                10                                                1


  • 25 Reina – 6
  • 02 Johnson – 6
  • 03 Jose Enrique – 7
  • 05 Agger – 7
  • 23 Carragher – 7
  • 08 Gerrard – 7
  • 10 Phillippe Coutinho – 7 (Henderson – 60′ ) – 6
  • 19 Downing – 7
  • 21 Lucas  – 6(Allen – 72′ )
  • 07 Suarez – 8 (Borini – 78′ )
  • 15 Sturridge – 7


  • 42 Gulacsi
  • 37 Skrtel
  • 14 Henderson
  • 24 Allen
  • 31 Sterling
  • 33 Shelvey
  • 29 Borini

Swansea City

  • 01 Vorm – 5
  • 02 Bartley – 4
  • 16 Monk – 7
  • 21 Tiendalli – 6
  • 33 Davies – 5
  • 07 Britton – 4
  • 11 Pablo – 5 (Booked) (Dyer – 76′ )
  • 20 De Guzman – 4
  • 26 Agustien – 4
  • 14 Lamah – 3 (Routledge – 64′ )
  • 17 Shechter – 3 (Rangel – 82′ )


  • 25 Tremmel
  • 06 Williams
  • 22 Rangel
  • 09 Michu
  • 12 Dyer
  • 15 Routledge
  • 19 Moore
Referee: Howard Webb
Attendance: 44,832

3 thoughts on “Liverpool 5-0 Swansea – Reds Find Scoring Touch

  1. Yes, it was a good day yesterday and more yet more evidence of our Jekyll and Hyde characteristics. Thankfully, Dr Jekyll came out to play yesterday but we all know by now, Mr Hyde is never far away. But as the article suggest, how do we banish Mr Hyde and not have him darken the door steps of the Fields Of Anfield Road for good.

    The article is right in that we are not ruthless enough. Have we already got the personnel at the club? With Carra retiring and it would be no surprise if Coates moved on in the summer, we will need at least a couple of centre-backs. But can we get away with only signing one and for the other centre-back option, move Martin Kelly to play there? He’s big, strong, can carry the ball, pacy and good in the air. He certainly ticks all the boxes.

    Apart from central defence we also need a bit of steel in the middle of midfield. For all Manchester City’s good football, they have Yaya Toure to beef up their midfield and he can certainly play a bit. Where can we find such a dominant midfielder? Is he already at the club in the shape of Conor Coady?

    We do also need another striker as well. The impact Daniel Sturridge has made has been sensational. He was brilliant yesterday. But again, do we have a striker (or strikers) already at the Club? One thing you can say about Rodgers is that he is not afraid to bllod the youngsters. That being said, I am more than a little surprised to see that one young striker has not had a sniff considering Rodgers has already given chances to Jerome Sinclair, Adam Morgan and Samed Yesil – that striker being Michael Ngoo. He has hit the ground running on loan at Hearts and again he ticks all the boxes in terms of touch, strength, pace, dribbling skills and being able to find the net.

    Yes, we need players to beef up the team, just maybe they are all already at the club.


  2. All valid points Frank. I believe Yesil and Ngoo could have played bigger parts this season and certainly should in the future. The biggest disadvantage to blooding youngsters is that they take time to mature and time is not something Liverpool have much of. Chasing fourth is realistically out of reach this season. Then again, do we have the money to buy players that will immediately have an effect on transforming the teams fortunes? Im not so sure. Playing the younger players may end up being something Rodgers has to do instead of wanting to do. Squad depth is poor compared to the top four.


    • Good points Jonathan. I agree that 4th is a long shot but while there’s still hope we should still target it. But as we know, we have not yet demonstrated that we can go on a big winning run, so the realism of a defeat here and there and the unrealistic event that Arsenal, Spurs and Everton will all have worse results than us between now and the end of the season, means that 4th will probably not be attainable.

      That being the case, or at least nearer the end of the season when our fate may well be decided sooner rather than later, maybe that is when we try out a few more youngsters. Not all at once but maybe blooding the likes of McLaughlin, Pelosi, Adorjan, Texeira, Sama, Sinclair, Ibe, Yesil may be worth considering. We have already seen that Wisdom, Sterling and Suso have adjusted to first team football, so if just 2 or 3 or even maybe 4 of the other youngsters blooded step up to the plate then the squad will begin to look quite healthy. Bring Ngoo back from Hearts and then we can maybe think about using our summer transfer kitty for say 4 major signings, rather than 5, 6 or 7 squad players in the £5m to £7m bracket.

      I agree that we can’t blood too many youngsters all at once but next season, Wisdom, Suso and Sterling will be considered established first team squad members and no longer looked upon as risky gambles. How much would it have cost us to buy players of that age and calibre?


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