Epic Doom Mongering Call of Negativity

606 Football phone in from the BBC

Epic Doom Mongering Call of Negativity: Hear the of Panic! Feel the Fear! Listen to the Insanity!
Robbie Savage Unscathed!

Liverpool call starts at 15:22 and ends at 18:14 of the podcast: 
BBC: 606 Top Six Calls

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Editor’s Note: As a “value added service” to our readers for which we do not receive compensation or remuneration, the following transcript is accompanied by the pro bono diagnosis of Dr. Bill, MD (voodoo), duly certified and licensed to practice “traditional and alternative forms of therapeutic treatment” in 12 countries without Legal Recognition of or Extradition Treatises to the United States of America. All inclusive group package rates available. Operators standing by.

BBC Host 1 (Darren Fletcher): …and now let’s speak to Andy in North Wales who is a Liverpool Fan

BBC Host 1: Hi ya, Andy
Caller (Andy): Hi ya lads, you all right?
BBC Host 1: Yes good thank you, what’s your point Andy?

Caller (Andy): Aww lads, I’m shaking and seething with such a rage…[..]…I can’t contain my anger towards Liverpool…[..]…I’m nearly in tears here lads…[..]…This is what Liverpool are nowadays. We’ve fallen so far behind, we’re country miles behind teams like Manchester United nowadays. We’re an absolute disgrace. Brendan Rodgers is absolutely clueless…[..]…I’m so upset. I just need…Brendan Rodgers has to go. He can take Suarez with him. Our club was brought up on class and dignity. Not for the likes of Suarez. Class and dignity…[..]…They should have kept Roy Hodgson. Get rid of Suarez….[..]…(Darren Bent)…[..]…I’m so upset that we are so far behind. And now all we can do is concentrate now on a battle for eighth or ninth place. This is Liverpool FC nowadays..[…]… We’re insignificant….[..]…Because nobody cares anymore…[..]…We don’t fit into any big plans anymore…[..]…”

Diagnosis: Rage, misplaced/directed at Brendan Rodgers, Luis Suarez, cause indiscernible; inferiority complex, antagonist Manchester United, pretensions: elevated intra-population status, despair, impotence.

Treatment: Force patient to watch unedited match footage from Roy Hodgson teams for 12 hours, rinse thoroughly with soap and water, repeat as necessary.

BBC Host 2 (Steven Reid): …[..]…[Dump trucks full of money needed to compete in Premier League these days]…[..]…
Caller (Andy):…blah blah…[FSG spent vast bucketloads of money]…
BBC Host 2:..blah blah blah…
BBC Host 1:…blah blah blah…Class and dignity..blah blah blah…

Diagnosis: milquetoast(s).
Treatment: Patient choice of listen to looped commentary of similar ilk until madness envelops or cast as honey badger stunt double, rinse thoroughly.

Caller (Andy):…blah blah blame blah…It’s Alex Ferguson’s fault. Kenny Dalglish and Rafa Benitez going that was Alex Ferguson’s fault.… We’ve been destroyed. We’ve been absolutely destroyed, Rafa, Kenny: destroyed by Ferguson. I’m absolutely devastated by what’s going on at our club. Luis Suarez. Class and dignity. I want him out! I want him gone and Rodgers gone.

Diagnosis: Transference (extreme): guilt, blame; disassociation (extreme); cognitive failure (severe); fear.
Treatment: Experimental, high risk, currently in clinical trials, payment in full in advance required, power of attorney transfer required.


3 thoughts on “Epic Doom Mongering Call of Negativity

  1. Hmmm…..I din’t hear the call but he sounds like a right prophet of doom. He should have been stood next to me on the Kop in 1992 on a damp, foggy, depressing night watching the League Cup tie against the mighty Chesterfield from the Fourth Division. We were so lucky to get a 4-4 draw. I seem to remember a certain young Kevin Davies playing for them, playing well and scoring a couple of goals. We were behind by a couple of goals on a couple of occasions when the game changed when Souness brought on his stellar signing from Dunfermline Athletic – Istvan Kozma. Fair do’s he played well but I don’t think we ever saw him again. The gate was about 15,000 or so I think.

    Watching us lose quite comprehensively to lower league sides in the Cup at Anfield to Bristol City and Bolton (Bolton really outplayed us) wasn’t fun either. Now, those days under Souness were depressing.

    Fast forward to the Brendan Rodgers era and while we are not particularly overjoyed at our League position and, quite frankly, losing to a struggling Oldham side who are on the crest of a slump, was embarrassing, but I don’t think any Liverpool fan could ever compare and liken this team to Liverpool under Souness or Liverpool under Hodgson.

    It is frustrating to always be a work-in-progress, but there are many who think that this latest version of work-in-progress will the be last for some time. After the jigsaw is complete, sure enough a few tweaks here and there will be needed but not a major overhaul like we’ve had this season. This squad has years left in it and if a few of the undoubted talented players from the reserves step up (the only undefeated U19’s in the country) then we will save a load of money on buying average squad players (not that I’m knocking him but Rafa liked his £4 – £5m squad fillers didn’t he, who all no doubt came on mega wages).

    Consider how good our squad could be in a couple of years with some of these youngsters: Sterling, Suso, Wisdom, Morgan, Robinson, Flanagan, Coutinho, Texeira, Yesil, Ngoo (hope he comes back from Hearts and gets a chance), McLaughlin, Sinclair, Ibe, Smith, Shelvey, Adorjan etc….etc… OK, they won’t all make it but even if 3, 4 or 5 play regularly we may be in a position to go out and use our transfer kitty on greater stellar signings than Istvan Kozma (no disrespect to Istvan).

    Fourth will be difficult but at least “difficult” is an improvement on “not a chance” under Hodgson.

    Let’s keep the faith.


    • Well said. I posted this because I simply couldn’t believe that a real Liverpool fan felt this way, especially with regards to the Hodge. Glad to see that the caller was an outlier (or a fake). I guess the communist vegans at the BBC got duped.


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