Marty Collins Memorial Tournament: Video

By Sam Mathius

Here’s a short video that captures some of the scenes of the recent tournament the supporters club held for our late friend, Marty Collins. It was a fantastic occasion that included Boston-based supporters squads from England, Romania, and a nice mixture in the form of a Rest of the World squad. Of course, there was also a Liverpool supporters squad that even teamed up with some Manchester United supporters to field a strong team.

Despite the Red’s fans best efforts, the championship trophy went to the English squad. Even so, it was a fantastic event and everyone is already excited for a tournament next year that will hopefully include more teams.

We’d like to extend a special thanks to a few people:

Jon Tee for filming the event and making us look much better than we really are.

Kevin Treanor owner of the Phoenix Landing,  and Ian Gunniss an LFC Boston committee member for organizing the event.

And most importantly, we want to send out our appreciation to Marty’s nephew, Kieran, who made the trip from Liverpool to honor his uncle with some fantastic play down the left wing.


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