Football Tournament in Memory of Marty Collins

By Tim Treacy

Kevin Treanor, owner of the Phoenix Landing, has put together a soccer tournament in honor of our good friend Marty Collins who passed away in September 2011.

The tournament will take place on October 20 from 4-7PM at Danehy Field in Cambridge. Food and Drinks will be served afterwards at the Phoenix Landing.

We need at least two teams (24 people) representing LFC Boston at the tournament. One team will compete in a serious tournament against four other local supporters clubs — the Manchester United supporters club, a British team, and Jamaica Plain United. The other LFC Boston team(s) will play in less serious tournament which is more of a kick about for fun than anything. All are welcome to participate.

If you are interested, please get in contact with one of our committee members, Ian Gunniss at

Click to hear Marty speaking with NESN after Liverpool’s 2-0 victory over Chelsea on Nov 7, 2010.

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