Some great photos from Fenway Park when Liverpool played Roma on July 25th, 2012.

Billie with an I.E.

Here’s a selection of images from Wednesday’s “Football At Fenway” friendly match between Liverpool FC and AS Roma. 

Baseball and football don’t normally add up, so it was quite interesting to watch one of the world’s most iconic and historic stadiums go through this huge transformation. I think the park looked really good, and the atmosphere was completely different than it is during a normal baseball game. 

I tried to keep that in mind while shooting. From a photographer’s perspective, it was actually very refreshing to have a break from baseball at Fenway Park. I was energized by it, and I roamed every inch of every corner of the stadium to capture the scene. 

Coincidentally, I just spent time in England and Italy, so having these two teams in Boston served as a nice reminder dosage of British and Italian sport and culture.

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