International Newspaper Reaction to the Truth about Hillsborough

By Tim Treacy

Below are some examples of the headlines running in today’s newspapers across the UK and the USA.

There has been a massive wave of public support across the UK and the rest of the world for the people of Liverpool and the families and friends of the 96 following yesterdays astonishing revelations regarding the 1989 Hillsborough disaster. The fight for justice will now begin, with the South Yorkshire Police, the S*N Newspaper, and Kelvin MacKenize in the firing line.

      May the 96 be Forever in our Hearts and Always on our Minds

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6 thoughts on “International Newspaper Reaction to the Truth about Hillsborough

  1. The majority of your readership in the USA wouldn’t have noticed this, but there is a major broadsheet newspaper here in the UK that is conspicuous in its absence…The Daily Telegraph.

    It is staggering to comprehend how, or indeed why, it failed to have any mention of Hillsborough, the Independent Panel’s report or the media reaction to its disclosures on its front page today. Staggering that is, until you realise that it is the newspaper most closely aligned to the ruling Conservative Party and the party that was in government in 1989.



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  3. Surely there are charges to be brought against anybody who altered statements? Had there been 96 police lying in the mortuary that day there would have been enquiries, prosecutions and without doubt the supporters would have been branded with many many names. The same rules must now stand in the reverse direction.


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