Hillsborough Independent Panel Report released today

By Kevin Koczwara

The Hillsborough Independent Panel Report was released today. We have  the document in its entirity here on the site for you to read and sift through at your own pace. It’s long (305 pages), comprehensive and revealing.

The Panel explains the structure of the report from Liverpoolfc.com:

The Panel’s Report is based on research and analysis of over 450,000 pages of documents made available by over 80 organisations and individuals in the first such disclosure exercise in this country. Part 1 of the Report establishes what was known about the disaster before the Panel began its work. Part 2 comprises twelve chapters and presents 150 substantive issues that add to public understanding. Part 3 makes recommendations for a permanent archive of the documents, including the continuation of the public website which is being switched on today.

The concluding comment from the panel in its media release says the hope of the report is to bring transparancy, something those affected by the Hillsborough incident have been fighting for since the tragic day

Bishop James Jones paid tribute to the individual families and to the established representative groups. The need for full disclosure came to the fore in 2009 when the Hillsborough Family Support Group met the then Home Secretary who, together with the then Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport, took the decision to appoint the Hillsborough Independent Panel. Bishop James said that:

“The Panel produces this Report without any presumption of where it will lead. But it does so in the profound hope that greater transparency will bring to the families and to the wider public a greater understanding of the tragedy and its aftermath. For it is only with this transparency that the families and survivors, who have behaved with such dignity, can with some sense of truth and justice cherish the memory of their 96 loved ones.”

Kenny Dalglish came out today in support of the families and those affected by the Hillsborough disaster. This is a man that reportidly went to every funeral after the disaster.

The Guardian has a running commentary on what is unfolding in the wake of the release.

The Anfield Wrap

There may not be a better place than The Anfield Wrap to understand what happened that fateful day when 96 people lost their lives. Here are a few quotes with links to posts from the writers over there. These are must-reads.

Hillsborough families await triumph of the truth by Tony Barrett

Tomorrow, in the wonderful neoclassical setting of St George’s Hall, thousands of people will gather, just as they have done when the city’s two football clubs, Liverpool and Everton, have paraded the trophies they have won at home and abroad.
This time, though, it is something much more precious than silverware that those present are hoping to see, they want to be able to celebrate the triumph of truth over lies after more than two decades of suffering a stigma of slurs that began even before those who perished on the death trap that was the Leppings Lane end had even been identified.


ANDREW DEVINE has never spoken about what happened to him on a sunny spring day 23 years ago. He has never spoken about anything since.
He was 22 when he went to a football match, an FA Cup semi-final at Hillsborough between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. For the first half of his life he was a normal, happy, healthy person. He has now been in a vegetative state for more than half a lifetime after being deprived of oxygen in the crush on the Leppings Lane End.


FOR 23 years, they fought for the truth. For 23 years, they were told to stop ‘wallowing’ in their grief.

Today, their tenacity, bravery and resolve was finally vindicated as the Prime Minister stood to deliver a profound and shocking apology for what we now KNOW was a widespread establishment cover-up and smear campaign. But he is not the only person who needs to apologise.
I need to apologise.


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