10 positives to take from the West Brom defeat

Brendan Rodgers' notepad

Brendan’s notepad is thicker than Rio Ferdinand.

By John Dutton

Yes, it was depressing as the second half came to an end on Saturday. This was not what any Liverpool fan had expected. Fergie must have been chuckling into his scotch glass (see #7 below) and all we could look forward to was a Europa League qualifier and the club’s most valuable defender suspended for the home opener against the champions. But in the grand tradition of walking on with hope in your heart, here are the 10 positives to take into the next couple of matches.

10. Phil Dowd will not be refereeing every LFC game this season

9. Pepe saved a pen. OK, my 9-year-old would have saved it too, but still…

8. Joe Cole should be nice and fresh when everyone else is starting to tire in the New Year.

7. Liverpool is level on points with Man Ltd. Sorry, Man Utd.

6. Borini was decapitated by a defender in the first half, but screwed his head back on and kept playing.

5. Glen Johnson showed why he is Liverpool’s best left winger.

4. The new kit is very attractive. Shame it seems to attract so much attention from the officials.

3. Andy Carroll came on and did not miss an easy header. I assumed it was him and yelled his name at the screen before sheepishly realizing it was Suarez.

2. Brendan Rodgers writes notes on a very thick pad. Definitely a positive.

1. Bill Shankly lost his first game as Liverpool manager, 4-0.


5 thoughts on “10 positives to take from the West Brom defeat

    • Think how much pain the Arsenal fans must have been in this time last year after an 8-2 defeat at Old Trafford! Yet their team still finished 3rd… It’s early doors, as they say in Liverpool.


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