Tweet LFC Boston your Photos


LFC Boston’s North America Tour Photo-Blog

Have you taken some great pictures with LFC in Boston? Or are you planning on taking some once in a lifetime pictures in Toronto, Boston, and Baltimore?

The Red Letter would love to share your pictures with the world. Every time you want us to feature a picture on our blog, use the hashtag #LFCBostonPhotos in your tweet.

We will then grab your photos, with full links back to your twitter account, and post them on  this blog! Sounds cool eh?! We think so! You may even get a few more twitter followers as a result.

So get shooting some pics of Rodgers and the players, of the games and goals, of your trip to the three cities, of the pregame and postgame parties, Of jersey signings and chance encounters, and let LFC Boston’s The Red Letter photo-blog your time over the next 10 days or so!

@Dom_Mino_5x came up with the HashTag #LFCBostonPhotos so give him a follow on twitter!



One thought on “Tweet LFC Boston your Photos

  1. Seeing photos of Brendan Rodgers in Boston was great. He was smiling and laughing in almost all of them and seemed cheerful and upbeat. Most photos from England have been stern and dour, not unlike Ian Paisley with a toothache. It’s good to see that Brendan is human.


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