Buy a ‘This is Boston’ Tee-Shirt from LFC Boston

Coming to Fenway Park for Liverpool v Roma? And you want to mark the occasion with an awesome memento?! Of course you do! I knew it! Well then buy a highly fashionable This is Boston tee-shirt from LFC Boston for only $10. Ten Dollars!!! Just ten dollars I hear you ask? Yes, just ten dollars! What an incredible deal!

It’s a Baaahhhhgain as they say here in Boston. If you’re not from Bawstan, it’s still a bargain!

The tee-shirts will be on sale at the Phoenix Landing and at An Tua Nua while stocks last so get them while you can!

Ask the bar staff at either of these bars, or better yet, ask anyone of the highly visible LFC Boston Committee Members for one over the course of the next few days. The committee will be wearing a special tee-shirt so if have a questions for them, or just want to buy a This is Boston tee, then these are the guys you need to see!

A big thank you to WeGotSoccer in Foxboro for the tee-shirts!


5 thoughts on “Buy a ‘This is Boston’ Tee-Shirt from LFC Boston

  1. is it possible to purchase the above as i live in Liverpool and unfortunately i am unable to go to the match , will be watching on ESPN though – kindly confirm what the postage would be to UK
    thank you steve herron


  2. Was at the match this past Wed, it was a dream to see Liverpool play in person. Do you have any more shirts to purchase? I would love one to remember the day but also to show support for LFC. Thanks so much Beth


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