LFC Boston is Pleased to Announce Partnership with WeGotSoccer

LFC Boston is delighted to announce a new partnership with WeGotSoccer. WeGotSoccer is the largest stand-alone soccer specialty dealer in America and is located in Foxboro, MA right in the heart of the LFC Boston market.  Their relationship with Warrior – LFC’s kit provider moving forward and their relationship with the Fenway Sports Group uniquely position them to become a key partner for LFC Boston.

On the product selection and availability side, WeGotSoccer will work closely with LFC Boston and with Warrior to make available as much of the LFC collection as possible in store and online. This will allow local supporters of LFC to not only shop locally and  affordably but to also receive their product in as timely a manner as possible. 

Speaking with Michael O’Connor, President of WeGotSoccer, he said:

“Our goal is to not only provide LFC supporters access to the products they need at the right price but also to leverage our relationships to help grow and strengthen the Boston supporters group.  We are committed to being a true partner with LFC Boston and supporting the Reds”

Personally speaking this is a great deal for LFC Boston. WeGotSoccer is going to carry the entire Liverpool range of products, and if they don’t have a particular LFC product in store or online, they will gladly try to get it for you. To not have to pay international shipping costs on items coming across the Atlantic will save fans here in Massachusetts at least $15.

WeGotSoccer is just a mere 40 minute drive from Boston. Usually, Liverpool fans based in Massachusetts have had to buy LFC merchandise online. The first time they get to touch their product and try it on is when they open the internationally shipped package.To be able to drive to Foxboro and physically browse products before you buy, or to be able to try on the jerseys in order to get the proper size, is simply marvelous. Even if you are a stickler for online shopping, well you can do that too at WeGotSoccer too, all with local shipping charges and they even offer free shipping on orders over $75.

People who sign up to become members of LFC Boston for the 2012/13 season will receive exclusive membership benefits at WeGotSoccer, including discounts and other great perks which will be announced next month. Membership of LFC Boston will open for the 2012/13 season in August 2012.

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