The Carling Cup Final and the Phoenix Landing

LFC Boston Members,

Just a reminder that you should plan accordingly to get to the bar early on Sunday. Once the bar is full, it is full and there is nothing I, or anyone else can do for you once it is at      capacity. We will not be showing the Rugby or any other event from 10:30am-2pm on    Sunday at the bar.

Arsenal, Spurs, and Man Utd are all playing early Sunday morning. If a large crowd of        Arsenal, Spurs, or Man Utd fans show up for their games, we have a plan in place with the management of the Phoenix Landing which will allow us to maximize the amount of LFC Boston members allowed into the bar.

We will not, I repeat not, be allowing large numbers of other supporters to stay in the bar at the expense of LFC Boston 2011/12 members. These LFC Boston Members will receive priority over every other fan on Sunday. However, a small few Arsenal, Spurs, and Man Utd fans have always, and will always call the Landing their home. Many of these people are friends with us at LFC Boston, and most of them have been going to the Phoenix Landing since before LFC Boston was even founded. I expect no more than a handful of these people to stay in the bar for our Cup Final, if they stay at all, and I think that is perfectly  reasonable since they have been patrons of the Landing for close to a decade.

The over flow from the Phoenix Landing will be very nicely accommodated at the Field pub in Central Square.

Please bring your scarves and flags, and your lucky charms. I’d also ask that you bring    cameras and record video and take photos of the entire day. The Red Letter, the LFC Boston blog, is going to write a number of articles next week about Sunday and we’d love to use your photos and videos for it.  Also if you are tweeting photos that day, please use the hashtag #LFCBoston so we can ReTweet them.

See you Sunday!


Tim Treacy
LFC Boston Chairman

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