Man Utd 2-1 Liverpool | Why Would You Shake His Hand? |

By Jonathan Carroll

Many vital questions remain unanswered about Liverpool after this derby match at Old Trafford and sadly most of them pertain to events irrelevant to the issue of winning football games. Welcome to the circus that is the Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra media orgy that has been a dream come true for many English tabloid writer as well as John Terry who must be asking what he has done to deserve this lack of attention for his own racism case.

Video – The Suarez/Evra non handshake

Before getting into the thick of the action, ask yourself these questions. If you were Patrice Evra, would you shake Luis Suarez’s hand after he racially abused you? If so, why would you want to? On the other hand, if you were Luis Suarez, why shake the hand of the man who has made you a scapegoat and ruined your public image beyond repair? Suarez admitted using “negro” to cause offence. The Uruguayan served his eight games. Case closed. If Suarez feels he was wrongly vilified by the FA and Evra then that is a valid argument. He cannot be angry at Evra for stating he was racially abused, the media circus that followed however was unnecessary and he has every right not to like Evra as a person over this incident. Please refrain from using “Fuerza Negro” as seen below to explain what Suarez said. “Black Strength” or “Black Power” are not the context he was hinting at that day at Anfield.

Does it make sense that one of these players wanted to shake hands? Why were the handshakes re installed by the FA to such a volatile game? Amateurish once again from an association that thinks it sets the standard but rather drags from the rear!

So the world and their mother focused on the team handshakes. Suarez, second from last to shake hands with Evra seemed to hold his hand out, Evra’s hand dangles at best. Bottom line, Suarez should have made a point to shake his hand and take the pressure off of Kenny Dalglish and the club after what has been a dark time for all Liverpool supporters since Evra made the accusation in October up to when the FA gave its decision on New Years Eve. Note the actions of Pepe Reina after the teams finish shaking hands, words are exchanged with Evra and finishes with Evra pointing the finger at the Spanish keeper. Interesting to say the least.

Inside five minutes Patrice Evra clattered into Rio Ferdinand while trying to tackle Suarez, Steven Gerrard should have played the frontman in but instead put too much behind his pass which allowed Johnny Evans to clear.There were only two other chances of note in a cagey first half. Glen Johnson went close with a left footed effort while Paul Scholes headed straight at Reina after Ryan Giggs found him with a pin point cross. The half ended with Suarez kicking the ball away, aggrieved at not having gotten a free kick after being tackled by Rio Ferdinand when otherwise through on goal. Ferdinand did indeed win the ball. A tunnel flare up apparently took place with the police having to step in.

The first five minutes of the second half were a different story for the reds. Liverpool were lethargic, slow in possession, lacking ideas and United simply took over for that five-minute period. Wayne Rooney beat Glen Johnson to the ball to volley home and moments later after Jay Spearing was easily dispossessed by Antonio Valencia, Rooney once more converted to put United two goals up.

Steven Gerrard sat too deep all afternoon and allowed Man United to control proceedings. Jay Spearing’s lack of passing ability was badly exposed while Jordan Henderson failed to impose himself. Not until the diabolical Stewart Downing was replaced and Craig Bellamy and Charlie Adam came on did Liverpool find a spark. Charlie Adam curled a free kick into the United penalty area that was chested down by Rio Ferdinand for Luis Suarez to finish past David De Gea. Hope was briefly restored and Glen Johnson almost grabbed a point with a fizzing left footed strike that was well tipped over by De Gea.

For Liverpool to get anything from this game would have been misleading, they played poorly and deservedly lost. I remain unconvinced Stewart Downing can mentally handle the expectations that come with performing week in and week out for a big club. The lack of a midfield presence without Lucas Leiva means Steven Gerrard drops so deep it eliminates any attacking midfield threat whatsoever. Charlie Adam is far too inconsistent and Jordan Henderson, who impressed in previous games, failed to show up today on the big stage.

The pantomime was far from over though. As Luis Suarez trudged off the pitch, depressed at having lost on his full return to action, Patrice Evra hopped and skipped celebrating United’s win right in front of the Liverpool striker. Instigating behaviour from the United left back which will fail to make it into the referee’s report. To Suarez’s credit, he never flinched, in fact he looked like he could care less. Pepe Reina and co were quick to confront Evra for his misguided actions and another tunnel flare up ensued.

What does all this mean for Liverpool Football Club? Kenny Dalglish previously stated in the week that Luis Suarez would shake Patrice Evra’s hand. What happened in between that statement and kick off for things to change? Did Liverpool know Suarez wouldn’t shake his hand? Kenny Dalglish has backed Luis Suarez all the way and now must take the brunt of criticism for the way the club have handled the whole affair because of the stance he took, not because he’s been one hundred per cent wrong, he’s just backed his player and I don’t see what else Dalglish could have done. However, Suarez has put his manager in a bind. Even if Suarez hates Evra, shake his hand, end the torrid affair and take the spotlight off your manager, your team and yourself. The club is bigger than you.

In the meantime the Alex Ferguson lap-dogs like Daniel Taylor of The Guardian and PFA Chief Executive Gordon Taylor come out with their predictable hyperbole about how this foreigner(Suarez) needs to be addressed. This coming after their propaganda mentor Alex Ferguson stated, “Suarez is a disgrace to Liverpool Football Club and the history of the club”. I find it highly amusing that Ferguson believes he should advise Kenny Dalglish what to do with his players. As stated by journalist Evan Fanning(@evanfanning) on twitter, “I presume Patrice Evra leaping about the pitch at the end like he’s a WWF wrestler is part of Manchester United’s great tradition”.

Video – Dalglish points at media

Let’s put this into context. It’s time to draw a line under this sorry saga and move on. The Patrice Evra and Luis Suarez saga is not important when there are families whose loved ones never returned from a football match at Hillsborough in 1989 and the government won’t allow them closure. That should be a priority for everyone, not this petty spat.

Match Statistics

Manchester United                     Liverpool

Possession                     47%                                    53%

Shots on Target                6                                         6

Corners                            4                                          3

Fouls                                10                                        11

Manchester United

  • 01 De Gea – 7
  • 03 Evra – 6
  • 05 Ferdinand – 6
  • 06 Evans – 7
  • 21 Rafael – 6
  • 11 Giggs – 7
  • 16 Carrick – 6 (Booked)
  • 22 Scholes – 7
  • 25 Valencia – 8
  • 10 Rooney – 7
  • 19 Welbeck – 6


  • 40 Amos
  • 20 Fabio
  • 13 Park Ji-sung
  • 23 Cleverley
  • 42 Pogba
  • 09 Berbatov
  • 14 Hernandez


  • 25 Reina – 6
  • 02 Johnson – 6
  • 03 Jose Enrique – 4
  • 05 Agger – 7
  • 37 Skrtel – 6
  • 08 Gerrard – 6
  • 14 Henderson – 5
  • 18 Kuyt – 5 (Adam – 75′ )
  • 19 Downing – 2 (Booked) (Bellamy – 61′ ) – 6
  • 20 Spearing – 6 (Carroll – 61′ ) – 6
  • 07 Suarez – 6


  • 32 Doni
  • 23 Carragher
  • 34 Kelly
  • 26 Adam
  • 33 Shelvey
  • 09 Carroll
  • 39 Bellamy

Referee: Phil Dowd – 8

Attendance: 74,844


6 thoughts on “Man Utd 2-1 Liverpool | Why Would You Shake His Hand? |

  1. The Patrice Evra and Luis Suarez saga is not important when there are families whose loved ones never returned from a football match at Hillsborough in 1989 and the government won’t allow them closure. That should be a priority for everyone, not this petty spat……well said Johnathan….If only lap dogs like Taylor,and Holt of The Daily Liar threw their weight behind the justice campaign instead of their obsessive witch hunt of Liverpool FC .. Kenny Dalglish attended three funerals a day after Hillsborough broke him like a reed like it would any man. To see him demonised by gutter trash like Taylor and his cadre who arent fit to clean the man’s shoes makes me sick to the stomach


  2. i’m sure suarez did intend to shake hands as was agreed with the club the day before but in the heat of the moment with evra withdrawing his hand and forcing suarez to reach he probably thought,fuck it and skipped him.evra knew what he was doing,why grab suarez’s arm,why look at the t.v camera instead of into the face of the man who(alledgedly) called you nigger 10 times? why cos evra is a deceitful shit of a man that doesn’t care what he does at the tail end of a shitty career.
    liverpool made a bad case for their defence from the start but the stuff thrown at us from the media,pundits,f.a,p.f.a, anti racist groups should be investigated,if they really want to clean up soccer,look at the whole process cos its flawed to fuck.


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