Remembering Martin (Marty) Collins

By Tim Treacy

LFC Boston will remember the great life of Martin (Marty) Collins before and during Sunday’s game against Tottenham — 8:30 a.m kickoff at the Phoenix Landing in Cambridge, Mass.

We ask that people arrive at the Phoenix Landing at least 15 minutes before the game. This will allow us to have a minutes applause to celebrate the life of the LFC Boston legend and to share a few words of remembrance about Marty.

Click to hear Marty speaking with NESN following Liverpool's 2-0 victory over Chelsea on Nov 7th, 2010.

Marty was instrumental in setting up LFC Boston. He was involved in every aspect of forming and growing the club in the early days. He was also a true Scouse voice of the club, as this video (left) can attest.

As the club grew, Marty would relish walking into a packed Phoenix Landing during Liverpool games. He was proud as punch over the way the club grew, from under 20 members 6 years ago, to nearly 200 members today. Although he missed standing on the Kop and the city of Liverpool itself, Marty always felt at home at the Phoenix Landing on match day. Being surrounded by so many Liverpool fans gave him great comfort. He remarked to me many times about how the atmosphere at the bar was akin to that on the Kop, even though we were some 3,000 miles from Anfield here in Boston. His passing is a great loss to us all and the Landing will never be the same again.

On Sunday morning, if you can make it to the Phoenix Landing, let us sing and let us share stories of Marty. Let us honor his memory by remembering him in the only way he would want, by cheering on the Redmen. Standing side by side with fellow Kopites, and with all our might, let us roar Liverpool on to victory with many renditions of Poor Scouser Tommy, his favorite song to sing.

You’ll Never Walk Alone, Marty

Rest in peace, my friend.


4 thoughts on “Remembering Martin (Marty) Collins

  1. Tim, Thank you so much. You’re the best and I know Marty loved you and the lads/lasses at the Phoenix Landing for making it a home away from home for him !!


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